Learn About Components And Types Of RFID

ระบบ คลังสินค้า

RFID, known as Radio Frequency Identification Method, is just a tech recognition system that allows things to be identified solely by the tags connected to them, without the use of light between both the tags and the label reader. Just a radio connection between the reader and tag is required.

Three Major Components

  • An rfid tag comprises a semiconductor chip connected by a single antenna, put on a base, and encased in various materials such as plastic or crystal veil, with just a sticky on the rear portion for attaching to items.
  • A reader is a device that consists of a scanner and antennas for transmitting and receiving signals. It is in charge of communicating with the label and gathering data.
  • A processor or controller: This can be the central server with a microcontroller or a microprocessor that receives and processes data from the reader.

There are two types of RFID systems:

  • Active RFID systems: Active RFID systems are those in which the label seems to have its power sources, such as a battery or an external power supply unit. The only limitation is the power devices’ life span. These devices are used to track elevated products such as trucks across longer distances.
  • Passive RFID systems: These are RFID systems that transfer electricity from a receiving antenna to a patch antenna. They’re employed for communication over small distances.

We’re particularly interested in passive RFID systems because It is most common in everyday applications like retail markets.